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VitOrtho Daily All in 1 Multivitamin and mineral with bioactive B vitamins
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“I started using VitOrtho’s Daily All-in-1 about 2 months ago and am already seeing a difference to the quality of my nails and hair. I reckon it’s helping my energy too”
Carol Walker
“I suffer with MS and actually have to be really careful in how I manage my energy. I have found VitOrtho’s Woman All-in-1 product is a fabulous tool to put in my toolkit and means I’ve been able to exercise more and generally be more active on more days than before I started taking it – Thank you!”
Andrea Thomas
“I’m 3 months into using VitOrtho’s Magnesium and Taurine supplement and my moods have improved dramatically, I no longer have that crazy up and down feeling on a monthly basis – my husband is happier too!”
Kate Hall

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need food supplements?
We believe that diet, sleep, exercise, relaxation, nature and fun are all essential for health but sometimes we need some extra help to support us and optimise our health.Before the widespread use of chemicals and intensive farming methods, our soil contained its full array of essential vitamins and minerals, including important trace minerals. These goodies, including lots of friendly bacteria, were taken up by the fruit vegetables and animal products which depend on soil health for the goodness. This natural method of farming, meant that centuries ago, the need for supplementation was far less apparent and even non-existent. Fast forward to today and with a lot of our food having being grown for decades now, using chemicals and artificial fertilisers and pesticides, we know that we are often lacking vital vitamins and minerals essential to a healthy functioning body. Food supplements are there to enhance our health and help maintain vitality. Use food supplements alongside a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle.
Are your products safe?
We adhere to the UK Food regulations standards for food supplements and are members of the Health Food Manufacturers Association. This means our ingredients and labelling has to meet their strict guidelines and also means we are adhering to the Food regulation standards 2003. For this reason we are unable to make certain claims that other companies may make about their products as these claims can sometimes be unsubstantiated and can be outside of regulation. We will never put your health at risk by selling illegal products or making unsafe claims. We recommend doing your own research before buying from unregulated suppliers.
Can I get a discount?
Yes – sign up to our newsletter, you will receive discounts in your inbox. You can also earn loyalty points through our loyalty scheme to use against future purchases.
How quickly do you deliver?
We aim to deliver between 1 - 3 days
What’s your delivery charge?
Delivery is FREE when you spend over £25 and otherwise is £2.95
Why are some of your products in plastic?
Our plastic bottles are specially made food grade plastic that will not leach into the product. They are recyclable. The energy/fossil fuels used to produce glass bottles and ship the heavier weight of glass is measured against the plastic option. At the moment this is still the most environmentally sustainable method to package our products. This is constantly under review.  
How do I get diet & lifestyle advice?
Contact us using the contact form and you’ll get a free 30 minute consultation with one of our certified health coaches to help you focus on your particular area of health. She’ll offer you healthy habit change advice and set you up with some tips and techniques to help your specific concern. Being it losing weight, gaining energy, reducing stress, the advice will all be relevant to your particular lifestyle situation.  

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We take your health seriously, we don’t want to just sell you cheap bottles of pills, which do nothing to positively affect your health. We want you to buy what you need from us, to enhance your healthy diet and lifestyle, not to replace it. We continuously look at our formulas to see if there is scope for improvements, for better more sustainable ingredients, for better absorption, for more vegan products. We hear what you say to us and do our best to meet your needs.