Here at Sirona Supplements the wellbeing of our clients who purchase our vitamins and supplements will continue to be our number one priority. We are well able to work with clients in order to move them forwards to experiencing robust health as we navigate through the process steps within our diet and lifestyle coaching programme. If you are a woman [we have a particular specialty in assisting females] with the desire create better long term health and wellbeing for yourself and your family,  then a good place to start is with our ‘without obligation’ phone consultation discovery sessions, then you will be more ably to determine whether or not our women’s health coaching is right for you and the specific health challenge[s] that you are facing.

Diet and lifestyle coaching

Our diet and lifestyle coaches have many different strings to their bow providing nutrition coaching, consulting, coaching, support, motivation as well as mindset mentoring all in one.

Again, depending
on the needs it may be that a food allergy could be the root cause of a condition, therefore developing meal plans may be the ways to go.

On the other hand it may be that a detox is required as a means of moving towards optimal health. In line with meal plans, in many cases after we get to the root cause of a particular disease, it may be that developing a list of foods to avoid that may be producing
inflammation in our bodily systems.

Health Coaching Process

One of the core plus points of Sirona Supplements’ diet and lifestyle coaching programme is that we work to get to the root cause of whatever health issue you as an individual happens to be facing. During our conversations our expert coaches ‘will determine that which is the root cause of specific symptoms so that we can work on them together in order to resolve whatever the issue is so that in the long term, health and wellness will return.

Kathryn and Mandy are our two main coaches and they live, speak and breath health and are excited and look forward to taking on new clients in order to have a hand in making changes in people’s lives. One reason why we offer our free breakthrough session is so that you will be able to ask what our health coaches will be abel to do for you. If you do work with us then before you even start then you will have a sure idea of the result that you will see in your life even before we commence with the health coaching programme as delivered by Sirona Supplements.

The Core Our Health And Wellness Coaching Programme

Perhaps the core of our health and wellness coaching, in addition to advising females [who do face different issues to men] as to which vitamin supplements to take to bolster health, we also work on the mental aspects of things in order to effect behavioural change and we consider this to in fact be at the heart of Kathryn and Mandy’s roles.

Using various mindset tools and techniques, our health coaches assists clients through careful evaluation in order to determine the most effective starting point.

And from that point we will be able to work with clients and start by introducing minute mindset shifts which in the end sets of a chain reaction with the resulting output which is positive health, wellness and behavioural changes.

Weightloss Management

Often, we have to deal with women who are looking to lose weight [this could be due to post partum or menopause issues] or to make changes in terms of their body shape. This process in fact includes a delicate balance of mindset and psychology as well as movement and fitness planning, this in addition to the diet and nutrition steps all work together to assist the body to let go of excess weight. 

Many people write off their weight  gain to the slowing down of their metabolism as they get older, this is where our expert health coaches come into play as we help our clients to understand of the major variables [such as movement, toxins, food & vitamins and nutrition supplementation] that all contribute to weight gain.

As you as a women or parent looking to assist your child is reading this page and maybe looking to engage with our health coaches to assist with your health situation, our health phone consultation will assist you in having a
realistic idea as to the length of time that will probably pass before real progress is seen.

So the thing to do is to go to our main health coaching page and book in a without obligation breakthrough discovery session. Based on Sirona Supplements’ experience, each person who needs help with their health is different which is one reason why we do like to speak with clients before we get going.

You could be one phone call away from kickstarting your health and wellness journey …