Vitamin D Testing Service Offering To Clients From Sirona Supplements

Our bodies are not able to synthesize vitamin D without sunshine, so the people who do not get adequate amounts of sun on their skin in most cases may well not be seen to have that which are strong levels of vitamin D. There are many studies that related to the amounts of Vitamin D that we have in our systems, they show that having low vitamin D levels is in fact linked to many diseases such as dementia, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression and even cancer.

As we here at Sirona Supplements are based in the United Kingdom, The EU has set a RDA of 5 micrograms for Vitamin D for the purpose of labelling foods. The UK’s Department of Health, now recommends vitamin D  supplementation in order to prevent vitamin D deficiencies when it comes to adults, children and young people who live in the UK, this includes those people who are at increased risk of diseases that relate to those how have vitamin D deficiencies as mentioned above. The generic recommendation is for men, women and children to take a daily vitamin D supplementation daily especially throughout the colder winter months.

Testing Vitamin D Deficiencies In Adults

Most multivitamin supplements do contain vitamin D and it cannot do any real harm if we as health conscious individuals pre-empt potential vitamin D related dis eases through ongoing regular supplementation, this is especially true if a person does not follow a diet that has been proven to be full of Vitamin D-rich foods.

So On To Testing For Vitamin D Levels …

… the results provided by the vitamin tests that we here at Sirona Supplements provide will be taken into consideration by our Mandy and Kathryn [our expert trained Health and Wellness coaches how have a unique expertise in coaching women to experience better health] to be used as a basis for any meal plans that are devised and used as a core component of our in house health coaching breakthrough programme. It stands to reason that we need to know what our base line is as we move forwards with our phone consultations and associated exercise plans and dealing with mindset issues related to our overall health and wellness status.

As there are so many related bodily processes related to our vitamin d levels, we strongly recommend that everyone order a vitamin d testing kit and get to know their levels which one is able to do all from the comfort and privacy of their own place of residence. Once we discuss the output of the tests that as mentioned above we will be in more of a strong position to develop and ongoing diet and lifestyle nutrition plan.

Vitamin D and skin colour

When it comes to skin colour, the darker the skin colour of men, women and children the darker one’s skin is, this means that it contains more melanin, this in turn means that the skin has a reduced functionality when it comes to going through the process of producing vitamin D from the sunlight that is taken in by the skin.

Treatments for low vitamin d levels

So after taking the vitamin d test and the results show that one has low levels, what should a person do as they look to increase their bodily levels at adequate levels. If we wish to maintain that which are deemed to be normal serum calcium levels.

It is known that the levels are generated from that which is an array of interrelated bodily processes, among the many interactions they include intestinal calcium absorption, the uptake [and release] of calcium that comes from our skeletons as well as renal calcium handling.

So in order to raise our levels we do need to get out in the sun so that we get sun rays on our skins so that they body can convert this into Vitamin D, as we here at Sirona Supplements are based in the UK with limited sunshine we do recommend that people supplement with vitamin d [as well as consuming vitamin d rich foods and taking vitamin supplements] in order to build up and maintain high levels in order to assist with the relevant critical bodily processes.

And in conclusion …

… we do recommend that at the very least, people should test their levels of vitamin d, book a free without obligation health coaching breakthrough phone consultation session and with the assistance of Mandy and Kathryn, determine the next steps that you need to take to lose weight, get into shape and experience robust health and wellness in your life.