Sirona Supplements are a premier supplier of vitamins, nutrition and minerals supplementation within the UK. Together with our sister company in the Netherlands, we have 25 years of experience in food supplements, supplying NOW and VitOrtho brands to health food shops, health practitioners and health conscious individuals, through our online uk vitamins and nutritional supplements web store. Both NOW and VitOrtho brands of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements are manufactured under strict GMP regulations which means we have full traceability of all of our ingredients. These brands do not use Genetically Modified ingredients and wherever possible no unnecessary fillers or bulking ingredients. 

VitOrtho is a reliable, innovative brand and develops advanced high quality nutritional supplements .....

It goes without saying that the quality of health, vitamin and mineral supplementation products are underpinned by the strength of the brand of the company responsible for the supplies. With our international operations and UK distribution centre, coupled with our interface with providing organisations, health care professionals and individuals with products. Rest assured, developing a relationship with us here at Sirona will only serve to enhance your health as well as business operations.

.... the range of products, coupled with health coaching if needed leads us to offer a sum total of high value to our customers.

Our products use the best most absorbable bioactive forms of nutrients, with raw materials and only natural additives that the body can tolerate and therefore allow maximum benefit and minimum stress for the body. All products in our range are continually being improved and expanded upon …..

….. We here at Sirona Supplements are the only UK supplier of vitamins minerals and nutritional supplements under the NOW products brand …..

…..  they come with full UK and EU legislative approval of the products in terms of the labelling and ingredient requirements.

Our aim is to bring our customers a range of high quality food supplements under one roof ...

… which are tried and tested to be effective and safe, to this end we have teamed up with other brands to expand our range and are very excited to work with the best supplier of nano minerals and colloidal silver to name just two.

This is the maxim with which we will continue to work by.

 We help by inspiring and motivating people towards a healthy lifestyle.

Good health forms the basis of a happy life. At Sirona, we believe that eating and sleeping well, exercising appropriately, taking time to relax, getting outside in nature and having fun are all essential for health. That’s all great, but of course not always possible and sometimes in addition we need some extra help to support us and optimise our health. Finding a good healthcare practitioner or habit change health coach can be a great start, as well as finding the right supplements which work for your specific health challenge.

Being members of the Health Food Manufacturing Association (HFMA) …

… ensures we adhere to all the latest guidelines in terms of labelling, ingredients and legislation, to make sure we offer you the best products safely. Our concept of labels is simple: what is on the label must also be in the packaging, and vice versa.

The labels are designed in such a way that everything is described clearly and concretely. All ingredients are listed, including inactive ingredients and potential allergens, as well as science-based and permitted claims, health risks, detailed descriptions and a use-by date. Virtually all products from NOW and VitOrtho are gluten-free. This is clearly indicated on the packaging. All products are suitable for vegan or vegetarian diets wherever possible.