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The sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D, well to be more precise Vitamin D3, more poetically known as the sunshine vitamin has been in the press lately for one reason or another. Now foods supplements and VitOrtho offer us a variety of strengths through their ranges, all that we at Sirona stock are safe for adults to take and conform to UK legislation. Vitamin D3 helps us absorb calcium and effects mood as well as helping with our bones, teeth, hair and nails. Notice how much better you feel after a week or even a day in the sun.

Yes a week in the sun is going to make anyone feel better I hear you cry, of course it it! Normally a week in the sun means we’ve escaped the daily drudgery of a 9-5 existence, endless rainy days, domestic chores, or the delivery person who insists on knocking at 8 o’clock on a Sunday morning, just when you’ve settled down with a lovely cuppa and the paper in bed (I know, it’s something you’ve ordered and do actually want but 8am… on a Sunday!) I digress, anyway you get the picture, we’re likely to feel good if we’re on holiday, but how much of that is actually about the sunshine we absorb? The Vitamin D council last week, highlighted again the need for vitamin D and exposing just your face and hands to the barely discernible rays throughout 6 months of the year isn’t going to cut it.

Baring your forearms and lower legs for 30 minutes a day between 10am and 3pm is going to make a difference, but who, apart from the postie is actually doing that? Apart from 4 days in February 2019, we are usually in offices, cars, houses or just too cold and wet to oblige.

A diet rich in salmon, cod, canned sardines and tuna all contain good amounts of Vitamin D, not so vegan friendly though. Eggs and mushrooms contain a small amount, but not enough for our daily requirements.

Consider a food supplement if you’re concerned you may be deficient, and next time the sun shines, make a point of getting out at lunch time and lets see those legs!