This particular vitamin is the only one that we cannot in fact readily obtain from the foods that are eat. Instead vitamin D is actually obtained through the sunlight that reaches our skin. In the media there has been quite a lot of coverage in relation to potential dangers of getting too much sun on our skin. however it is essential that our skin gets exposure to the sun in order to obtain recommended daily allowances when it comes to this which is so necessary for us.

All things being considered, in reality the amount of time that an individual is exposed to the sun in order to receive sufficient doses is not as long as many may think. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is to get just …

a few daily minutes direct exposure to the sun and this may well be sufficient

one may not experience any adverse effects as people often speak of the negative effects of excessive ultra-violet light on the skin.

Perhaps one of the most important functions of this vital bodily nutrient is to assist with the control in relation to the quantity of calcium that is absorbed into our system from the foods that we consume. Most of the calcium is in fact utilised to build strong bones and teeth however, calcium is also required in order to relay messages throughout our nervous system, it also helps with our muscles, e.g. assisting with the heart muscles to contract.

It is through vitamin d nutritional supplementation that makes sure that that there is always enough calcium in our bloodstream required to perform these vital tasks. Other functions that are in need of vitamin d relate to our immune systems and it is thought that it is in addition to this, a contributing factor for reducing our overall risk of contracting cancer, it should be noted that it is said that this relates most to colon cancer.

When it comes to multivitamins nutrition and minerals supplementation in general and specifically vitamin d this is formed under our skin and is called vitamin D3 or the more technical term is cholecalciferol. This is actually created when the ultraviolet rays that are in sunlight is seen to react with a type of cholesterol that can be found naturally under our skin. The D3 gets converted into that which is in fact a more active form of vitamin d in the liver and then it is diverted to the places where it is required most.

daily multivitamin supplements

It should be noted that some does remain in our liver as well as the kidneys in order to assist to reabsorb the calcium from the blood. The rest is then dispersed to our bones so that they can be helped to retain their calcium and also some goes to the intestines so that they can be aided with the absorption of calcium from the consumption of food.

Note that this can be found within a quality multivitamin mineral and nutritional supplement and even though most of it is created through exposing our skin to sunlight, there are indeed some foods that do come with some of this particular nutrient naturally. We call this form of vitamin d – D2 or the more technical term is ergocalciferol. This form is in fact utilised in the manner as the other D vitamins and it is the form that is used in order to create most of the vitamin d supplementation that is found in most health food stores and multivitamins and nutritional stores.