Here at Sirona Supplements as a core component of our service offerings, we have on hand expert certified health & life coaches who have helped many women and men through health and lifestyle challenges.

….. read on below to learn some of what our clients have said about Kathryn & Mandy who are available to assist you on your health and wellness journey as and when the need arises  …..

Mandy & Kathryn are on hand to speak with you regarding health matters as a precursor to our full scope coaching session. Select a time that suits you, we look forward to speaking with you.

Kathryn’s clients….

“I have gained control over my blood sugar and I don’t feel that frazzled exhaustion anymore – even though my calendar is choc-a-bloc, I feel more in control, everything feels manageable and I’m more productive.”

I felt heard and understood like there was time and space for me in a way that I rarely experience in my day to day life.

“I have been amazed at the positive increments I have made to my well-being and diet and the springboard this programme has set me on to make bigger and deeper changes to my lifestyle”

“I’m finding time to take regular walks in nature which lately have been turning into semi-jogs!
So I am aiming to do a 10k in a few months time, to make it my next goal”

“I was surprised at how far I had come over the three months……I cannot recommend Kathryn highly enough.”

Mandy’s clients…

“Mandy has such a fantastic empathy, she really listened to what I was saying and I never felt judged”

“I can now sleep solidly for 8 hours a night and no longer stress over everything – my mind is so much calmer”

“I lost 1 stone and feel amazing, I wanted to lose more, but understand the importance of taking it slow and anyway the weight’s stayed off – so I’m over the moon!”

“What can I say, I love Mandy! – somehow and I don’t quite know how, she made it seem easy to make changes I’d been struggling with for years!

“Yes – I’d recommend Mandy – she’s a hidden gem!”

If you feel like you’ve tried everything else and nothing is really working for you, try our bespoke holistic health coaching programme. Tailored specifically for you, to help you reach your health goals and lifestyle outcomes. 

We use a unique set of skills blended together over many years of experience in food,  exercise, health and habit change to offer you the best service possible. 

If you’ve struggled to lose or maintain a healthy weight, found yourself consuming copious amounts of coffee, cakes and biscuits to get through the day, are stressed, overwhelmed or exhausted. Our transformational coaching programme can help you reconnect with your zest and passion for life, to find your ideal weight and stick to it AND it’s fun! It’s not boot camp, it’s supportive and gentle with tough love when necessary – and it works!!

Your initial session is free and will help you understand how our unique blend of habit change coaching techniques work.  Also, you’ll discover what has stopped you living your ideal healthy life before now and why it’s really important to make a change now. 

Sessions take place over the phone. 
To book your initial consultation please use the contact form.