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What is Diet and Lifestyle coaching?
If you’ve struggled to lose or maintain a healthy weight, found yourself consuming copious amounts of coffee, cakes and biscuits to get through the day, are stressed, overwhelmed or exhausted. Our health coaching programme can help you reconnect with your zest and passion for life, to find your ideal weight and stick to it, to help you reduce the effects of stress and anxiety. This is not boot camp, it’s supportive and gentle with a bit of tough love thrown in when necessary!

How does it work?
Your initial session is free with absolutely no obligation to continue. It will help you understand how our unique blend of habit change coaching techniques work. Also, you’ll discover what has stopped you living your ideal healthy life before now and why it’s really important to make a change now. Sessions take place over the phone.
To book your initial free consultation please use the contact form to contact Mandy Gibson. After your session, you'll decide whether you want to continue having a weekly session or just book when you feel you need help getting back on track.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything else and nothing is really working for you, try our bespoke health coaching programme. Tailored specifically for you, to help you reach your health goals and lifestyle outcomes. We use a unique set of skills blended together over many years of experience in food, exercise, health and habit change to offer you the best service possible.

Here's what some of Mandy's clients have said;

"Mandy has such a fantastic empathy, she really listened to what I was saying and I never felt judged"

"I can now sleep solidly for 8 hours a night and no longer stress over everything - my mind is so much calmer"

"I lost 1 stone and feel amazing, I wanted to lose more, but understand the importance of taking it slow and anyway the weight's stayed off - so I'm over the moon!"

"What can I say, I love Mandy! - somehow and I don't quite know how, she made it seem easy to make changes I'd been struggling with for years !"

"Yes - I'd recommend Mandy - she's a hidden gem !"

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