About us

At Sirona, we believe that eating and sleeping well, exercising appropriately, taking time to relax, getting outside in nature and having fun are all essential for health.

That’s all great, but of course not always possible and sometimes in addition we need some extra help to support us and optimise our health. Finding a good healthcare practitioner or registered nutritional therapist can be a great start as well as finding the right supplements for you.

Did you know?

Before the widespread use of chemicals and intensive farming methods, our soil contained its full array of essential vitamins and minerals, including important trace minerals. These goodies, including lots of friendly bacteria, were taken up by the fruit, vegetables and animal products which depend on soil health for their richness. Because of this the need to supplement was far less apparent. than it is today. 

Why Supplement?

Centuries ago, the thought of food supplements was non-existent. 

Nowadays, with a lot of our food being grown using chemicals and artificial fertilisers and pesticides, we know that we are often lacking vital vitamins and minerals essential to a healthy functioning body. Food supplements are there to enhance our health and help maintain vitality.

Of course, they have to be used properly and alongside a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle.